Education Workshops

At One Punch UK we are passionate about educating people around the impact of one punch violence; we refer to it as the ripple effect, affecting families and friends of both the victim and the assailant, often for a very long time, even forever.

Our educational workshops are suitable for children and adults of all ages and can be delivered in schools or any group setting, either face-to-face or via our new on-line resource.


We look at the impact a single punch had on our family when our son Kristian was punched once on a night out with friends when he was just 18 years old and the journey we went on, which ended with Kristian passing away from his injuries and establishing the One Punch UK charity.

In addition, sessions cover bullying, anti-social behaviour, sentencing and the law, self-control, alcohol, and drugs.  We also look at how actions have consequences.

Sessions are tailored to be age appropriate and engaging, we provide supporting resources to help start discussions around one punch violence.

Our message is simple, stop, think, walk away.

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